Our facility focuses on progressively improving your body’s performance in relation to golf. We pair you with a PGA golf professional who will work on perfecting the technical aspects of your game.


We take clients through four distinct phases: Mobility, Stability, Strength, and Power.

The mobility phase uses a combination of manual therapy, chiropractic, massage, at-home exercises and stretching to improve tissue pliability and quality of movement. This is where we find amateur golfers struggle the most.

The stability phase focuses on creating stable joints. We need stability throughout the kinetic chain to transfer energy from the ground up through the club head. Any joint that cannot maintain proper stability leaks efficiency out of the system.

The strength phase is essential for maximizing your swing. Stronger muscles allow for less effort while swinging, allowing for more consistency in your shots and a decreased injury risk. Emphasis in this phase is focuses on glutes, hip rotators, and also core.

The power phase is important in training, as it is essential in golf. Power=Force x Velocity. Generating power requires precision, proper muscle firing sequences, good mobility, and stability. This is why we focus on power last. Building power without having mobility, stability, and strength first puts golfers at increased risk of injury and decreases their potential performance.