Many of us golfers get excited for the Golf Digest’s Hotlist, which comes out every year. We fantasize about how the latest club or ball technology will take our golf game to the next level. We spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest clubs, balls, shoes, and other gear needed to play golf. Do we actually improve? Statistically, no.

So what is the problem? While we spend thousands on new equipment, we neglect the one thing that is present on every swing, OUR BODIES. If we are unable to swing that $1500 iron set in the most efficient way possible, it really doesn’t help us lower our scores. This is what we call the golf gap. It is constantly looking for external variables to help us improve our game, while neglecting the thing that is actually the most important.

This is where Creekside Golf Performance comes in. We fill that gap with the tools you need to maximize your body and golf swing. We don’t want you to swing like Keopka, Furyk, or Johnson, we want you to swing and play like the best version of yourself.